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Webinar - January 21, 2021

Join our Webinar to learn more about LPS+TM Products and Services and how your organization can significantly reduce costs and improve organizational performance (safety, process safety, reliability, quality, environmental compliance and regulatory performance, etc). 

Our clients experience a unbelievable ROI and LPS+TM applies to ANY industry!

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LPS+ Overview Webinar Recording

Send an email to webinar@lpscenter.net to view the recording of the LPS+ Overview webinar. 

NDA (National Demolition Association) Podcast with LPS, Inc.

Please listen below to the NDA Podcast with LPS, Inc.'s own Dr. Devin Bennett to learn about ways in which companies can improve their safety and loss prevention performance.

Safety & Loss Prevention Implementation: Preparing Leaders Effectively

Many safety or loss prevention implementation efforts fail, not because they don’t have a good implementation plan, but because leaders don’t prepare properly. In the previous article, we discussed one of the first steps in the implementation of a safety or loss prevention system –– developing a case for change.

Safety & Loss Prevention Implementation: Importance of Developing an Effective Case for Action

Answering the age-old question of “why change” is one of the first things for leaders to address in their organization prior to implementing a safety or loss prevention system. Developing an effective case for action is critical to help leaders prepare themselves and their line chain for a successful implementation. People at all levels need to understand why the organization is exploring a system implementation, as this can help motivate and create emotional support to act as a catalyst for the organization to move forward.

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Improving Safety and Loss Prevention with Systems Thinking

A critical factor to the success of any safety or loss prevention system is the effectiveness in which it is integrated into the organization, so it becomes “how” the organization performs. The language and discipline for seeing these interrelationships and connections are known as systems thinking.