Improve Operations

Improve the safety, quality, reliability, and financial performance of these tasks to enhance employee morale, increase utilization and reliability, address inefficiencies, and significantly reduce costs!

  1. Opening process equipment
  2. Energy isolation
  3. Working at heights
  4. Tank truck operations
  5. Warehouse operations and management
  6. Lubricants blending operations
  7. Product packaging
  8. Permitting process
  9. Material storage, inventory, and handling
  10. Marine barge/shipping import/export activities
  11. Pipeline import/export activities
  12. Monitoring of refining/chemical processes
  13. Startup and shutdown of unit feedstock
  14. Monitoring unit product quality  (QA/QC)
  15. Laboratory product testing
  16. Inert gas purging operations
  17. Product tank to tank transfers
  18. Pipeline pigging operations
  19. Catalyst loading
  20. Gas testing