Improve Technical/Engineering

Improve the safety, quality, reliability, and financial performance of these tasks to enhance employee morale, increase utilization and reliability, address inefficiencies, and significantly reduce costs!

  1. HAZOP reviews
  2. Equipment inspection activities
  3. Pre-startup field inspection and punch-listing
  4. Equipment design
  5. QA/QC activities for products and services
  6. Process and equipment troubleshooting
  7. Independent technical reviews
  8. Freedom to operate analysis
  9. Technical readiness reviews
  10. Site selection surveys
  11. Constructability reviews
  12. Process simulation model develop and validation
  13. Project/business economic analysis
  14. Engineering standards development and training
  15. Release of technical information for external publications
  16. Equipment strategy
  17. Unit monitoring
  18. Environmental remediation
  19. Ground density testing
  20. Facility & structural design