Providing Solutions that Make a Difference

$800 million in savings in one year of LPSTM implementation
A multi-national manufacturing company saw $800 million in savings related to unit reliability, quality, efficiencies, etc. (non-personnel safety related) in fourth year of LPS™ implementation.
TRIR 0.12; DAFW 0.006
International manufacturing workforce of 25,000+
28-million hours with no Lost-Time Incidents
28-million hours without a Days Away from Work incident for International Midstream Organization
No recordables in 8+ years for Chemical company
Experienced a 100% reduction in TRIR and an 80% reduction in First Aid cases.
Flawless Operational Performance
Multiple clients achieved flawless operational excellence in consecutive years (0 recordable incidents, 0 Tier 1 process safety events, maximum reliability, etc.)
TRIR 0.22; DAFW 0.05
Global Lubricants Company
Global Refining Organization
TRIR 0.24; DAFW 0.04.
International manufacturing workforce of 50,000+:
TRIR 0.34; DAFW 0.06
380+ days without an unplanned unit shutdown
Refinery, 300,000+ bbl/day
Over 7+ years without a lost-time injury
Refinery, 170,000 bbl/day
4 years without a recordable incident
85,000 bbl/day
$9+ million reduction in workers' compensation
Mining organization
75% reduction in MVCs in first two years for company of more than 2,000 employees
Company of more than 2,000+ employees

A Few Examples of our Results

Fewer incidents means
better results

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Refinery, 500,000+bbl/day: Experienced 70% in recordable incidents within first 3 years. Best performance in site’s history.


Industrial Services Company: 80% reduction in recordable incidents and $5 million reduction in workers’ compensation in just the first 3 years.


Environmental company experienced a 62% reduction in recordable incidents and significant reduction in legal claims.