LPS+™ has a series of Behavior-Based tools that embody Human and Organizational Performance principles enabling organizations to prevent ALL types of losses to improve business performance.

Risk Assessment Tools: 

Mental Risk Assessment Tool
Many processes, operations, and tasks have risks with loss potential.  Before these risks can be eliminated or controlled, they must be identified. The mental risk assessment tool enables everyone to identify and eliminate potential at-risk behaviors and conditions that could lead to any type of loss.  This tool is based on the principle that each individual takes responsibility for his or her own loss prevention performance in all daily activities.

Task Risk Assessment Tool
Many processes, operations, and tasks have the potential to result in injuries and other types of losses. The task risk assessment is used to reduce these risks in the workplace by empowering job experts in the tool design and development. Unlike the mental risk assessment tool, which is a conscious thought process to be performed on any task or activity at any time, the task risk assessment is a 1-2 page standard developed by job experts.

Workplace Observation Tool

The observation tool is a standardized, systematic tool for observing a work process and determining if the process is being performed according to company standards. The immediate objectives of the observation tool are to provide positive reinforcement for correct behaviors and activities, as well as identify and eliminate at-risk behaviors and conditions that could lead to any type loss (i.e., safety, reliability, product quality, environment, business efficiency, etc.). The longer-range objective is to help maximize the effectiveness of each work process by preventing losses. 

Near-Loss/Loss Learning Tool

The near-loss and loss learning tool is a systematic examination of unplanned costs for the purpose of eliminating risks and future losses. The purpose of the tool is to prevent similar events from occurring. By identifying root causes and taking corrective actions before a serious incident occurs, similar events that could potentially result in a major loss can be avoided.

Root Cause Analysis and Solutions Tool 

LPS+TM contains a root cause analysis tool and technique to assist clients in identifying the root causes of human and organizational performance issues, as well as a methodology to ensure the correct solutions are implemented to prevent recurrence.

Successful Task Performance Tool

Success happens more regularly and better represents how work is performed. Organizations should embrace learning from tasks that are performed extremely well in the areas of safety, production reliability, product quality, regulatory compliance, etc.  LPS+TM provides organizations with a process to learn from these events, understand the root cause(s) of success, and embrace and share solutions across the organization. Success breeds success!

Leadership and Stewardship

LPS+TM leadership and stewardship is a process for overseeing and monitoring the proper use and quality of tools to create a positive work environment and culture where LPS+™ is managed with the same importance as other major business activities.

Unlike traditional safety programs that hold people accountable for safety statistics, LPS+TM stewardship focuses on the quality aspects of the process for each tool over which employees have full control.

Companies that manage the quality and effectiveness of loss prevention activities instead of the “numbers” are the same companies that have directly reduced injury and loss measures. These organizations steward and manage LPS+TM activities just as they steward or manage other aspects of their business.