Improving Safety & Organizational Performance

Improving Safety & Organizational Performance

Improving Safety & Organizational Performance

Improving Safety & Organizational Performance

Improving Safety & Organizational Performance

Delivering a full range of Loss Prevention services

Feb 10, 2020

Leadership Development Activities

Leadership development activities are customized for each client based on their needs, results of the Workplace Assessments, and overall development with direct input and feedback from you (the client).
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Again, if you’re not an LPS+TM client and would like us to discuss proven leadership strategies and practices that have led clients to world-class results, please contact us.
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about Loss Prevention System+TM

Who we are?

LPS+TM (Loss Prevention System+TM) is a comprehensive management system designed to help organizations prevent all types of losses (personnel safety, process safety, reliability, product quality, etc.) to improve ALL aspects of the business.

What we do?

We train, educate, assess, and develop our client’s ability to implement and sustain LPS+TM into their business to achieve long-term operational excellence and world class performance.

Why us?

We have a proven 40+ year track record in helping clients in 100+ countries in various industries achieve world-class results in all areas of their business.


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about us

We have clients in more than 100+ countries across 6 continents. Despite differences in language, ethnicity, politics, education, socio-economic conditions, industries, etc., LPS+TM has proven to be successful.
(Note: Countries in green is where LPS+TM has been implemented)

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Our Advantages

Top Reasons to Work with us


Cost Savings

Multi-National Manufacturing Company: $800 million savings in non-safety related results in one year of LPS+TM implementation.


Eliminate Lost Time Incidents

International Manufacturing Organization: 52 million+ hours without a Days Away from Work incident.


Reduce Recordable Incidents

Chemical Company: 100% reduction in TRIR and an 80% reduction in First Aid cases.


Results Oriented

  • 10 of the last 19 AFPM Distinguished Safety Award Winners are LPS+TM clients
  • Client received National Safety Council Green Cross for Safety

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Preparing Leaders Effectively for a Safety or Loss Prevention Implementation

Many safety or loss prevention implementation efforts fail, not because they don’t have a good implementation plan, but because leaders don’t prepare properly. In the previous article, we discussed one of the first steps in the implementation of a safety or loss prevention system –– developing a case for change.

Importance of Developing an Effective Case for Action for a Safety & Loss Prevention Implementation

Answering the age-old question of “why change” is one of the first things for leaders to address in their organization prior to implementing a safety or loss prevention system. Developing an effective case for action is critical to help leaders prepare themselves and their line chain for a successful implementation. People at all levels need to understand why the organization is exploring a system implementation, as this can help motivate and create emotional support to act as a catalyst for the organization to move forward.

reduce workplace incidents'

Improving Safety and Loss Prevention with Systems Thinking

A critical factor to the success of any safety or loss prevention system is the effectiveness in which it is integrated into the organization, so it becomes “how” the organization performs. The language and discipline for seeing these interrelationships and connections are known as systems thinking.