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workplace assessments

Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments are conducted as part of the Loss Prevention System+TM process to monitor the health of LPS+TM within the organization and provide feedback for continuous learning and improvement.

Leadership development activities

Leadership Development Activities

Leadership development activities are customized for each client based on their needs, results of the Workplace Assessments, and overall development with direct input and feedback from you (the client).



Training opportunities are available for internal SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Employees to develop their LPS+TM knowledge and skills to improve their LPS+TM leadership and application.

LPS SME development activities

LPS+™ SME Development Activities

Training for internal LPS+TM SMEs can be provided to improve the quality and effectiveness of SME's coaching.

business software

LPS+™ Information System and Data Management software

No need to develop your own IT solution! We have a mobile-friendly information system to support your LPS+TM needs.

business presentations


LPS+TM Associates are available upon request to discuss and present key topics and themes related to Human and Organizational performance.

business webinars


Webinars are available upon request and topics will be shared through our website and on LinkedIn.